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Continuous Flight Auger Drill (CFA Drill) P50/20

The EVOMAQ® P50/20 drill balances agility and productivity with easy-to-use technological resources. Its small size facilitates transportation and reduces the total cost of mobilization. With a low level of noise and vibration, it is capable of operating close to the existing buildings on the construction site. With extraction force options, it is a productive equipment that offers low maintenance costs.

The P50/20 Continuous Flight Auger drill (CFA) is an excellent investment in civil construction.


Monitoring Computer

The Continuous Flight Auger of EVOMAQ® (CFA) counts with a powerful monitoring computer, which generates accurate and real-time data on drilling and concreting, through detailed graphics that can be easily sent to the customer.


The model P50/20 from EVOMAQ® has a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged MWM engine, designed to provide strength and performance.


The conveyor of EVOMAQ® was designed for complex and muddy lands, facilitating its mobility on the construction site.


The unique design of the drilling head of EVOMAQ® delivers high torque and allows drilling close to existing walls and constructions.

Hydraulic Tower Adjustments

In addition to greater agility, the hydraulic adjustments of the tower are essential for the safe displacement of the EVOMAQ drill rig on construction site.

When in movement, the tower can be tilted sideways and backwards, maintaining the center of gravity and providing even more safety for the operation. These adjustments also aid in drilling, and can be made to maintain the tower and, consequently, the auger on the plumb line.

Turret Foot

In order to provide greater stability and safety when executing the pile, the turret foot has large dimensions, ensuring higher machine stability and precision when the auger is removed.

Hydraulic Leveling Legs

Equipped with hydraulic leveling legs, the P50/20 CFA drill of EVOMAQ® keeps the equipment level and the pile in the plumb line, allowing for better quality and safety in the execution of the piles.

Hydraulic Vice

In order to maintain the auger alignment during the drilling, the drill of EVOMAQ® has a hydraulic vise system, facilitating and ensuring greater safety in work activities.

Auger Winch

To further facilitate everyday use, the P50/20 CFA drill of EVOMAQ® is equipped with a powerful lifting winch, allowing a much simpler, faster and safer assembly operation.

Auger Rack

A robust and reinforced racking system with ratchets and steel cable latches, which guarantees greater transport security during assembly and handling.


EVOMAQ has developed its own cabin, specially designed for continuous flight auger (CFA). As a result, the customers will be able to experience a standout project with more comfort and safety, when using the drill. The end result combines beauty, harmony and advanced technology, adding even more value to the equipment.

Air conditioning in the cabin is a standard item of EVOMAQ.

Extendable Tracks

In order to reach the 20-meter drilling capacity of the EVOMAQ equipment, larger, more resistant and mainly more stable tracks were designed, enabling higher security in operations within the construction site.

Extraction Force of 32,000 kgfm

Another special feature of the P50/20 model is its powerful main winch, which provides the equipment with 32,000 kgf of extraction force!



  P50/17 Drill Rig P50/20 Drill Rig P80/20 Drill Rig
Overall equipment width 2,300 mm 2,300 mm 3,000 mm
Overall width of equipment for work 2,300 mm 3,500 mm 3,500 mm
Overall track shoe width 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm
Total track length 2,900 mm 3,500 mm 4,400 mm
Maximum transfer speed 2 km/h 2 km/h 2 km/h
Minimum drilling diameter 250 mm 250 mm 300 mm
Maximum drilling diameter 500 mm 500 mm 800 mm
Maximum drilling depth 17 m (11 + 6) 20 m (14 + 6) 20 m (14 + 6)
First gear rotation 30 RPM
5,000 kgf.m option only
30 RPM 13 RPM
Second gear rotation 50 RPM 50 RPM 26 RPM
Third gear rotation - - 35 RPM
Maximum torque 3,000 kgf.m
Optional 5,000 kgf.m
5,000 kgf.m 13,000 kgf.m
Extraction force 12,000 kgf
Optional 32,000 kgf
32,000 kgf 64,000 kgf
Engine and power MWM 229-6 T 155 hp
Optional MWM 6.10 TCA 215 hp
MWM 6.10 TCA 215 hp MWM 6.10 TCA 330 hp
Total equipment weight 11,4 tons 16 tons 22 tons
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